Darrell’s now retired and also in the way in the kitchen like I predicted. But now he has more time to repair everything that breaks and it is Murphy’s Law around here. What can go wrong, will.


Marlene is still going strong but, maybe, not as fast as she used to. The dust balls seem to be more plentiful, but she tries. Cleaning, cooking and loving her grandchildren still takes up most of her time. A little is left over for Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders of which she is the local President.


Rod is in the process of moving his office to a more accessible building. We are planning on pitching in and helping him relocate. Now that older people won’t have to climb stairs, MeMa will probably visit him more often.


Marcy is still working hard and is still a Scout leader. She is always arranging trip for her girls.


Wow, it has been a long time since this was updated. Rebecca is now going into the 7th grade and still doing great in school. She and Marcy just went to New York with the Gifted and Talented Class and had a blast!


Ryan is still growing and eating good too. He will be in the fourth grade. He was on a spring soccer team and really enjoyed himself. He made two goals and gave an assist. Not bad for a new kid on the team.


Forrest is still the fire chief and working for the brick company, only they have changed hands. He also got the dream job. He is working at the Montgomery Race Track. He gets to work and play at the same time.


Stephanie’s an adult or so she thinks. She’s still going to Trenholm State. She has earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Communications and is going back for one in Information Technology.


Andrew is heading to 10th grade and has to take his driving test to get his permit. Then look out.


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